Workshops are an amazing way for individuals to grow. They offer a safe environment to touch aspects deep within. Sometimes we are not even aware of issues within us until we see it in another.

In these inter-active workshops, I share my understanding of life, holism and spirituality enabling you to rise above life’s challenges, live a healthy, fulfilled & confident life.

You will explore simple concepts of living in awareness that: open you up to the wonders of life; discover who you are; let go of fear and all that keeps you stuck. You create your reality and as co-creator of this world, learn the tools that will teach you how you can bring to it and you, peace, harmony, health and abundance. Each session ends in a brief yet powerful guided meditation.

Life is never easy and change only happens when we change from within. In today’s climate of hardship, ill-health, corruption and inequality it is often difficult to see the Light. The purpose of this workshop is to empower you to see yours. Be the change you wish to see. All you need is Willingness.

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Where it all comes together. Like some of us, my energies and interests are diverse and yet in a sense intrinsically connected to each other. The more I live, the more I see it as one.  As long as we seek to find fulfillment and meaning in our personal lives, the more we must recognize the need for us to seek that for all of life, our planet & world in general.

MeditationLife offers us many tools to achieve what we desire. No one tool is better or worse than another. As the Human Being comprises several bodies, we must use a variety of tools in conjunction with each other, thus opening each body to higher energies, enabling healing.  In this manner, consciousness is raised at each level, one step at a time; and by making the changes within each one of us, we can see these results play out around us.

This site seeks to bring awareness at all levels. My talks and workshops are inter-active and offer the opportunity to touch aspects deep within you. Meditation can be performed in numerous ways and each method serves a unique purpose. When you discover this, you will see that a state of ‘constant meditation’ is what we ultimately strive for. The Mind is one of our greatest tools and being Master of it is the key to creating a beautiful life.