Annaita Gandhy

When I look back at this life I see the distinct path my journey has taken; or I should say, the numerous little paths which have merged together into the one I now walk. Yet even as I write this I know the merging continues, for life is like that…..

I have learned that nothing in my life has been random and as I weave in the learning from even those aspects that seemed traumatic into my purpose I am thankful for these blessings: of the  courage in choosing such a path and the strength to walk it. Most of all, the blessings of  those who made it possible for me to explore those depths, those who supported me in their unconditional and infinite love to  rise up again to reach new heights and the Universe in its unswerving protection & love.

From my earliest memory, I see that I questioned everything; if what was being taught in school failed to resonate I switched off rather than pollute my mind with what was to me, useless. After all, I was here to ‘change the world’, so what was the purpose in conforming to ‘sick systems’? And so I plunged headlong into life always in the deep end and only then thought about how to swim. Perhaps there were better ways to deal with this, but they were not clear to me at the time; besides, I had lots to learn about who I was not!

Of mixed parentage in a time when it was less common, I believe I had the best of both worlds. I had an insider’s view of the quirks of this man-made thing called religion and it taught me to dig deeper. Being exposed to Yoga, natural & herbal remedies, ayurveda and homeopathy at an early age – these were part and parcel of growing up in the 50s and 60s in India – provided me repeated evidence of their validity & sustainability in the face of ever increasing limitations & devastation of a rapidly growing allopathic and chemical culture. It became merely a matter of commitment for me to persevere what resonated as true.

The connection between the personal & global was never in question and my plants received as healthy a treatment as did my family. It was natural to protect forests, earth, air, water and to conserve energy.

Being naturally and increasingly drawn to the spiritual & holistic, I indulged my interest in such books, workshops, courses & channellings as they presented themselves. I immersed myself in them.

My greatest teachers were life’s experiences and my most valued internship was what I received when I initially and naively set about to offer myself & my healing services to those less fortunate – those who had not the means or exposure to holistic or energy systems. In following the guidance that came I was given experience upon experience in opportunities I had hitherto not foreseen as well as all the assistance it required. Each case was unique and I gave according to the need, be it energy work, counseling, emotional or other support. I learned how much still I must learn; that what I believed was needed was not always so or sufficient, as to empower held so much more value. I began teaching those I worked with, counseling & sharing all I know. Only with my total understanding of the mind’s power came the realization that it lay at the core of healing – the shifts in perception, belief, choice, thought.

I understood the perfection of the Universe in always bringing me to the right place and finally assimilated the full scope of the meaning of ‘acceptance’; of the immense power of total trust – in a higher force; of Self; I saw it in abundance among those who had close to nothing.

There was no thought to question who I was or what I did. The simple fact that someone cared enough to reach out and touch them, to make a difference in their lives, was enough. My ministrations were immediately seen as ‘Dua’, or Blessings, Prayers that were received with total reverence as they intuitively responded to the Love – And from all this I received their Blessings upon Blessings. They served me. I am humbled.

My move to the west has been a huge change but enables me to be near my family.  Strange at first, I am constantly discovering new areas where I can be of service. The need for love, peace and joy is in everyone and in each culture this need wears a different cloak. It gives me immense fulfillment to help others find it.

I offer my services for talks, workshops, group and personal sessions for:  Spiritual & Holistic Empowerment; Reiki; Counselling; Holistic Healing; Numerology and Foot Reflexology. 

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