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Audio: The Dawn Of A New Age

Audio: The Dawn Of A New Age

Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012, 10:30AM to 12:00NOON An Inter-Active Talk/Workshop: Welcome in this beautiful Cosmic gift of a new and wondrous age of Spirit Oneness, Power and Love.  Embracing your Light to see the immense possibilities and the magnificence that you are.  As we direct […]

Audio: Shifting Into The Age Of Spirit Oneness

Audio: Shifting Into The Age Of Spirit Oneness

December 21, 2012 Meditation. As we leave behind the Age of Man, we leave with it all that is redundant.  Embracing our new energies of immense possibilities along with commitments to Self of higher and higher states of awareness, we move into the beautiful Age […]

Grandma said . . .

Grandma said . . .

Grandma said . . .

My grandma Bharucha was a great inspiration for me all through my life, in so many ways.  She had an exceedingly severe demeanour, although we never had a harsh word from her, but it was only when I grew up that I began to fully appreciate her worth.   She was incredibly wise.   Her wisdom came from life’s teachings and her extensive reading.  She was familiar with a

ll the great classics and was a wealth of information on almost every topic.  She wrote a book on Zoroastrianism, called ‘Zoroastrianism in the Light of Ilm-e-Kschnoom’ translates as Zoroastrianism in the Light of the Science (Knowledge) of Bliss.  She used to often read to us verses from this in the hope that we would someday absorb the wisdom behind the teachings of Zarathusthra.  But her interests and knowledge covered much more than religion although she had studied several.

The more I have lived, the more I appreciate her gifts to me.  During my inter-actions with the very poor, I found that in their efforts to educate themselves, they often copied what the elite were doing, as far as they could afford of course.  Advertising and multi-nationals did the rest for them—at such huge costs to their health and livelihood.  Their now unhealthy diet resulted in such hideous dis-eases.  Talking to the women, I urged them to recall what their mothers or grandmothers cooked and ape them rather than the west.  We have so much to learn from the wisdom of those now passed.  You do too . . .

From my earliest memories, she always shared with us some wise little quote.  I remember this one that she wrote in my autograph book, using the musical symbols:

“Sometimes ‘B sharp’,

Never ‘B flat’

Always ‘B natural’”

Grandma was forever mending something or creating useful items out of old fabric.  She wasted nothing and always reminded us to:

“Learn economy!”

Not the subject as taught in school, but in our everyday lives.  She urged us to reuse and modify everything to get the fullest worth out of what we already have.  She would have been horrified by today’s waste.

My mother forever quotes Grandma as saying,

“One’s children were the capital of investment and one’s grandchildren were the interest on capital.”

But in her case, she had all but written off her own offspring, saying, “My children, oh they are such a grave disappointment!”  My father you see, had married a foreigner, of a different religion, turning down the nice Parsi girl chosen for him.  My uncle had married way too young, he barely 22 and his bride, a lovely, gentle girl, was not much more than 16.  My 2 aunts married

2 brothers, each brilliant and wonderful in their unique way, but not academic and grandma had had such high hopes for her daughters too.  Deeply disappointed, Grandma put all her hopes into us, the rowdy lot who drove her crazy.

For all that, she truly was a wise woman.  She never failed to tell me that:

“The only investment worth anything is a good Education”

At that time all I could do was hang my head and hide, for I had quit school.  She had been denied by her mother the opportunity to complete her own education and was married off instead.  Determined at last to expand her mind, after the birth of her four children she set about reading and taught herself more than most schools at the time might have taught.

When I decided to marry, she was thrilled, as not only was I marrying a Parsi, but my husband-to-be’s grand-aunt was her great friend, Goolbai.  She instantly set about ensuring I knew how to cook Parsi food and so over the next few months she gave me cooking lessons.  These were really the first opportunity I had to see her in a new role.  She loved cooking but her entire style was so austere, she hardly indulged in this.  So we prepared Saas-Ni-Macchi, and Dhan Sak, and other favorite Parsi dishes, none of which I ever ventured to make after I married.  In fact, my husband was utterly disappointed in my culinary skills and so enrolled me in a cooking class, which turned out to be as much of a disaster.  None of this bothered me, as I had my own style of cooking that was yet to develop; but more of that later, this is about Grandma.  All the while we were preparing some dish or other, she would ramble off onto some marital advice:

“Tolerance! With marriage, you must learn tolerance and with children, Sacrifice.”


It must have cost her a lot to say this much, but she also extended herself to share some advice on that taboo subject of sex, saying:

“It is your duty to allow your husband his rights, but remember, first thing in the morning before anyone is awake and before touching anything, immediately have a shower and then do your Kusti (prayers)”.

It was more the conversations during our cooking afternoons that were to remain with me as well as the experience of being with one whom I had always considered cold.  I found she could be fun.  After one of her lengthy trips to Australia to visit her daughter, she told me excitedly how she had learned to make scones and loved doing so.  She had brought back a huge bowl, measuring implements and plastic sheeting for the table.  She invited me to make scones on my next visit, and we did.  They were delicious!

When she was eighty and visiting Australia she had a terrible stroke and the next ten years of her life were hard for her.  But we got even closer and I looked forward to visiting her and listening to all the stories of days gone by, of her own childhood and youth.

I gathered she was her father’s favorite, although that couldn’t be saying much, for in describing to me how once she and her brother had accidentally set the roof on fire by playing with matches near some hay, she went on to horrify me by saying:

“Father punished Minoo, my brother, by whipping him with a strap.  But I was a girl and could not whip me.  So he made me drink tea with ants in it for one week, because I didn’t like ants in my tea.”


Be the LIGHT, no matter what . . . guidance on dealing with traumatic events

Be the LIGHT, no matter what . . . guidance on dealing with traumatic events

A special note after the shooting at Newtown, CT  Dear Friends, Yesterday our state shook as beautiful Souls were gunned down.  As we bow in prayer for all those who have been affected, many are unable to come to terms with this violent attack. Allow […]

Audio: Healing Humanity from Your Cosmic Heart

Audio: Healing Humanity from Your Cosmic Heart

Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, 10:30AM to 12:00NOON An Inter-Active Talk/Workshop: In the greater scheme of things, we are all One.   To come to this state in conscious awareness, we must recognize the single most important tool we have within us all—a tool that lies within […]

Infuse Yourself With LIGHT and Let It Shine

Infuse Yourself With LIGHT and Let It Shine

Friends, the only way to strengthen your Light is to increase it consciously.  The more Light you have, the more you can see the dirt; the more you eliminate the dirt, the more Light will flow through you.  The Light is there, for you are Light, but you have to keep your vessel clear so that it can fill your vessel.  The difference here is whether you wish to shine as a 10Watt bulb, or 1000++Watt bulb.  This again is a choice you make, but make it consciously.

There is no condemnation for those who choose the lesser Wattage, for it is your Free Will and we accept that.  However, it is important that you acknowledge that it is your choice, and in doing so, accept willingly the consequences of it.  So what are the consequences?  They could range a spectrum of experiences, but essentially, you create what you are.  When you limit the Light that can flow through you, you limit your beautiful experiences.  When you limit the Light that can flow through you, you tell the Universe that you would rather have the darkness than the Light.  When you limit the Light that can flow freely through you, you make yourself denser and heavier, especially in these new energies of higher and higher frequencies.  All your bodies find it stressful to exist and subsequently you create dis-ease or dis-harmony, conflict or confusion, anxiety and fear as you then fail to vibrate at the same frequencies as those of our New Age.

You may change this all at Will.  With the intention of turning negative into positive, take note of the feelings and dis-comforts that come up, paying attention to them, looking within to address the root and then take the required steps to change the situation or thought(s) are all imperative to transmuting these darker aspects of ourselves.  These processes do require effort, and the more deep-seated, the more effort required; but the results are so fantastic, that when you experience them, you will wonder what took you so long to get on board.

Friends, upgrading OneSelf to live in the Light is an ongoing process, for we are ever having new experiences: either of our making, or that of another.  This is part of who we are and our purpose here.  When you get past the first heavy effort required, it becomes joyful and exciting.  When you harness the courage to put aside your conditioning, fears and insecurities, and dare to take these steps, you will see the wonderful ways in which the Universe steps in to lift you, and just as on a magic carpet, carry you miles for every tiny step you take.

For our entire journey on Mother Earth, Ego will continue to rear its head, for that is its purpose: to keep challenging us to find and touch greater and greater heights within us, and so as we grow, they become more subtle too, encouraging us to search deeper.  It is our responsibility to check this at every stage of our growth.  It becomes especially challenging when we make a conscious choice upon the Spiritual Path.  It requires Spiritual leaders and healers to be ever conscious of this, looking forever within to maintain that Spirit power, integrity of purpose and absolute purity.  Being every conscious of the need and value of sharing freely, desiring the best for all whom we serve, brings us always new evidence of the perfection of the Universe, and immediate recognition that baser temptations for competitiveness, power and fame can only result in ultimate pain and destruction of ourselves.  For when those we teach and serve succeed, we do too in more ways than one and all around us becomes yet increasingly more beautiful.

These are powerful and important times.  Use this time effectively, to heal self, apply to yourself all your knowledge in this direction, walk your talk and live your truth.  This is what is so great about the new energies, that when we make the move, things will happen so fast; and when you live your knowledge, it will become the wisdom within you.

TALK: Shedding Ego and Materialism / Embracing Spirit Power

‘Shedding Ego and Materialism to Embrace Spirit Power in Creating a World of Beauty, Peace & Unity Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012, 7:00PM to 8:30PM A Talk: We stand on the threshold of a new Era of which we hear such conflicting explanations from predictions of […]