Past, Present, Future

Past, Present, Future
Time is simultaneous. Life is an illusion. So why do we have past, present & future?
As Spirit, we choose to enter into a ‘collectively created reality’ of duality to fully understand our Selves.  A tiny part of our Spirit Self, what we call the Soul, enters into a human physical body and so into a new chapter of this volume of experiences.  This ongoing journey into human form offers us endless opportunities to renew our perspective of life and ourselves.  It comes with a Divine Plan we choose for ourselves and a series of contracts we make as Spirit, with other Soul’s Higher Selves, Earth and the Universe, to support our Plan. We do this in complete understanding of the laws that govern and realization that we cannot do this alone, for we are essentially One with All That Is. This ground-work complete, we embark on our illusory journey into ‘time-space’.   
In a short while, our surroundings & new experiences push to the far corners of our mind memory of our true Self, leaving us with only a vague recollection of our purpose here. We set about creating one experience after another, some pleasant, some not.  As human, we find we cannot always shake them off, forgetting that we must be like a sieve, retaining only the knowledge acquired and allowing the event to pass.  So we hoard events, and because in our forgetfulness we suddenly feel abandoned by Self, we feel life as ‘painful’ and in that association, attach ourselves to pain. Once again, we have forgotten the law that ‘like attracts like’, that what we feel & think will manifest. We were taught that as Spirit.
So as a ‘lonely Soul’, forgetting those strictures to experience & let go , we sometimes become stuck in those past events, either painful or blissful unconsciously empowering them to influence our present.  Having got stuck in the past, we are unable to truly live in the now.  Re-living the effects of our past memories, we then proceed to manifest them into our future. And so, although we think we are living in the present, we are actually shuttling between past & future, unable to let go of the past, worrying about the future and thus creating those same experience ahead.  We have forgotten the rules and even when the past memory has been bliss, it is the attachment to that bliss which is rooted in fear of not being able to experience it ever more that limits us.  Expanded bliss in the future goes out of reach each time we set the level by re-affirming & projecting the past.  Either way, growth is stunted.
The present is where we are, the central & neutral space. The past and future are merely reference points for us to view clinically what we have learned and where we can take it. A string bound at each end, will vibrate only as fast as it is taut. If we attach weight to it, it sags, unable to vibrate at those frequencies.  As energy beings, we are the same. The higher the frequency, the more ‘time’ spent in the present moment. When we burden ourselves with baggage we become less firm in the present and every time we are pulled into the past, we go only that far into the future on the rebound.
If we choose to grow, we must first briefly re-visit the past and choose to release all memories of events, carrying with us only the higher understanding they brought. A mere glimpse into the past periodically, as a reference with quick assimilation of understanding, a speedy & decisive letting go of what is useless is all we need. Back into the present, we are clear and unfettered. It is only then we can begin to see our present in a new light, with new vision. This then becomes our ‘new reality’ and what we put out is stronger, more vibrant & pure, once again affecting & changing what we call our future.
We are in a new era now, one where the frequencies we vibrate at are far higher than what we have known before. Carrying burdens from the past will certainly result in hurt and dis-ease, for we will be totally unable to vibrate in sync with Earth & life. Choosing to be in the moment requires a total letting go of the past. Only then are we free to vibrate at higher frequencies that propel us to yet higher frequencies.  Ultimately our ‘present’ moments become longer & stronger, that reference to past and future become a nano-blink away. We are NOW.